Tamil School Annual Day 17′

I’m a bit stressed as my exams are just around the corner. It feels like ages since I’ve been in the kitchen cooking new stuff. Right now I’m mostly just eating what my mom serves.. or I find myself driving to the nearest McDonald’s trying to cheer me up.

Past two months have been so soo hectic with parties, plans and work. Last weekend our Tamil School in Odense celebrated its annual day where all the kids got to perform. It’s such a pleasure to see all that effort and talent in those little souls.

I did some hosting with my friend and also a dance (we had no choice -.-‘). Otherwise I helped choreographing a performance – our house literally looked like a 24/7 kindergarden the days up to the function. Well, enough talking.. Thought I wanted to share some random pictures I got to take in the end! (I was so tired xD)


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