Fall Photoshoot 17′ Ellalan // Photography

I’ve always wanted to take some fall pictures. After waiting so many days for the perfect no-rain weather to show up, it finally happened one day. My plan was to study that evening, but I just knew that I had to experiment in this gorgeous weather. So I called my friend quickly and asked if I could borrow her little kiddo, Ellalan, as a model. We all met up at a park-kinda place in Odense where we just walked around and took some random shots.

I’m normally the type of person who likes to be well-prepared in general – especially before any kind of creative project. But this time it was all different and spontaneous -.-

I was playing around with the camera after ages and I didn’t really get to test the settings properly. So many things I could have done better technically, so I’m not fully satisfied. Also it was around sunset, so I was all focused on capturing little moments before it began to darken outside (and too cold for the kid to run around) :/

And kiddo just wanted to go to the playground. He was also very tired after the annual function the day before, so everyone really tried to keep him entertained! But he was such a sweetheart the whole time.

Now, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves..

  “You see that lady over there? Give her that killer look” xD

Apparently this awesome dude (Vamsi) had come to visit his family and I felt so bad interrupting their day. But we all had a great time chilling around and the bond between these two was absolutely the cutest!

That was all for this time! =)
I hope you enjoyed it and feel free to leave comments!

Have a nice weekend out there <3

© Harishmi Jeyakumar

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  1. Kawzy
    November 4, 2017 / 4:39 pm

    Love love love the 🍂 autumn, the model and the beautiful pictures 😍😍😍😍

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