Pratheep & Meura – Hindu Traditional Wedding // Photography

Hello out there!
I hope you all are enjoying your weekend to the fullest. Either if you are having a good time with family and friends or spending your saturday night studying. If you’re in the last category.. You’re not alone, mate. I’m one of those poor souls too :/

Today is a very special day for someone, so I thought it would be perfect to do a throwback-post in the break-time 😀

For exactly one year ago I had the opportunity to be part of this beautiful day. The day where Meura and Pratheep tied the knot. It was a bit different compared to all the other weddings that I’ve been to. Hindu traditional weddings often tend be “a big fat indian wedding” with 400.000 people or held in big wedding venues almost big as football stadiums. But don’t get me wrong.. I’m not against big weddings. I just feel like the atmosphere is so much different when it is held in a small place with all your nearest people. And you’re actually able to see what’s going on 😛

Whatever.. Let me start this throwback-session off with wishing the lovely couple a happy anniversary! And thank you for letting me run around and click pictures for fun. I have to say.. It was very difficult. I really tried to focus on catching all moments but everything happened so fast. Lack of technical skills can clearly be seen on most of the pictures. But it was also my first time running around with a camera at a wedding.. I’ll try to learn more before next time ._.

Now, let me show you some pictures from last year..

So sad that I didn’t capture the photographer in focus (wrong settings). Again.. due to lacking technical skills -_-

I’ve never seen this “thaali” tying ritual this close. It’s so beautiful filled with so many emotions.. ._.

I experimented with some BW conversion on this picture. Somehow I’m soo in love with the BW one! 

Time flies by so fast. Again, happy anniversary to the cutest akkah & aththaan. May you get many more years together!

That was all guys! Hope you enjoyed the little throwback. Have a great weekend out there! ^_^

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