Dua // Photography // Hair & Make-Up

I’ve been thinking about an idea for a while and I finally had the opportunity to test something.

So I jumped into doing a bit of makeup and hair in this shoot besides taking the photos. Sometimes it can be fun and challenging to try out things yourself, right? ^_^ It was actually meant to be a trial where we would try out the look and outfit for a shoot. But well.. I ended up taking a few pictures that I wanted to share! đŸ˜€

Overall I had an indian-traditional-beauty-portrait kinda idea in my mind. I wanted to keep it simple and tried to think of colours that were a bit atypical. We went for something elegant, light and with a slight traditional touch. Btw. this is a result of mixing what you have on hand – so don’t underestimate your old indian-closet, ladies!

It was very hectic at the end as we did waste a lot of time shopping and eating before all this. You can also see that the saree wasn’t fit for the model.. and frizzy hair.. and so on đŸ˜› But it was really fun and I’d love to experiment more with these types of portraits!

A big thanks to my gorgeous friend Dua for being my model. Thank you for being so patient. And another big thank you to my sister for all the assistance! <3

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